Theo’s Masterclass – a cooking event for teams and individuals

Theo Randall is a gifted cook. He is the figurehead of several British cooking shows. In London, Randall is above all known for one thing: Pasta. In the Crowne Plaza Zurich, he now opens his first restaurant in Zurich. At the Masterclass, hobby chefs are invited to learn the art of making fresh pasta and Italian dishes under the wings of his chef. The course takes about three hours, after which the participants enjoy their homemade pasta at dinner together with selected wines. You will receive the current cookbook from Theo Randall as a gift.

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Your Menu

Seasonal filled Ravioli with mushroom sauce & Parpadelle with beetroot pesto


Baked chicken stuffed with Parma ham and Mascarpone, Gnocchi and caramelized carrots


Gingerbread parfait with blackdorn Zabaglione and poached pear

Our Offer

  • Welcome Prosecco
  • Pasta course and preparation of the 3-course menu under the Instructions from our Head Chef in the kitchen of Theo Randall’s

  • Prosecco, beer or soft drinks during cooking

  • Joint dinner including selected wines

  • Theo Randall’s My Simply Italian Cookbook (English)

Price per person CHF 159.-

Dates 2019:

Every first Saturday of each month

Saturday 02.02.2019 Saturday 03.08.2019
Saturday 02.03.2019 Saturday 07.09.2019
Saturday 06.04.2019 Saturday 05.10.2019
Saturday 04.05.2019 Saturday 02.11.2019
Saturday 01.06.2019 Saturday 07.12.2019
Saturday 06.07.2019

The events start always at 5:30 pm and take 5 hours.


phone: +41 44 404 4910     mail:

The Masterclass events can be booked as an individual or a group of 10 or more people. They’re ideal for birthday parties or celebrations among colleagues.

We’ll be happy to put together a special offer for you. For information contact our event office at +41 44 404 4924 or via mail to